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Special Streaming Event

Online Sound Healing Experience

43 Metal and Crystal Bowls PLUS Two Large Gongs
Creates a Unique and Immersive Sonic Journey

90 Minute Audio Visual Streaming Sound Journey Featuring...

Next Event - FULL MOON - Weds 2nd September 2020

Event Streaming From
Bondi Beach, Australia

Join us for a 90-minute online Sound Healing journey and experience the amazing healing waves of 33 Tibetan singing bowls, 10 crystal bowls and two large Nepalese gongs. 

Immerse yourself in the beautiful sound and vibrations as we facilitate your travel into a deep state of relaxation, calmness and bliss!

During these unprecedented times, we strongly believe continuing with sound healings is more important than ever. By participating online, you will receive the following benefits:

Tune In At These Times

USA + Canada

Tune in at these times on Wed, Sept 2nd:

  • Los Angeles: 5pm
  • Vancouver: 5pm
  • Chicago: 7pm
  • New York: 8pm
  • Montreal: 8pm

Global Timezones

Tune in at these times on Wed, Sept 2nd:

  • Sydney: 7pm
  • Rio de Janeiro: 6am
  • London: 10am
  • Zurich: 11am
  • Moscow: 12pm
  • Bangkok: 3pm
  • Singapore: 5pm
  • Tokyo: 6pm

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Pets Love Sound Healing Too!

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Meet The Sound Healers

Based in the oceanside community of Bondi Beach, Australia, Sound Healers Elina and Viktoria hold regular sound healing workshops and events.



Elina is known as ‘The Sleep Expert’ and is a globally renowned sleep therapist.

She cured herself of chronic insomnia using natural methods after becoming overwhelmed from the stress of working in corporate finance.

After studying in a number of modalities including Meta Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing, Brainwave Entrainment, Brain Mapping, and various Human Development Frameworks, her research into curing herself led her to a path of sound healing with the use of Tibetan bowls as a way to calm the mind.

She has trained with revered Tibetan Singing Bowl masters in both India and the USA.




Viktoria has been practicing yoga and studying its philosophy for 20 years. Born and raised in Switzerland, she moved to Los Angeles in 2000, where she attended her first yoga class and completely fell in love with the practice. In 2011 Viktoria completed Yoga Alliance’s one-year Yoga Teacher Training.

During travels through South India in 2007, she was introduced to the singing bowls during her time at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. In order to help her students reach a deeper state of meditation, she began to integrate sound healing in her yoga classes.

In 2017 she moved to Bondi Beach, where she has continued her practice as a sound healer for both large sound healing events and private sessions. With her in-depth knowledge and experience in yoga, pranayama breathing techniques, chakra clearing, and crystal bowls, Viktoria helps her clients calm their nervous system, decrease stress and overcome anxiety.