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Experience A Shamanic Journey Into Dreamtime With Sacred Sound Healing Music

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Shamanic Dreamtime Collection

Complete Collection of Sound Healing Albums by John Dumas for Instant Download


Shamanic Journey Into Dreamtime

A musical voyage into spirit created with the intention of healing through sound that awakens your primordial essence.

Value $19.95


Amazing Grace

John’s only pure flute CD inspired from the beauty of the garden isle of Kauai.

Great for healing, relaxation, meditation, this CD will bring the listener hours of peaceful inspiration.

Value $19.95


One Heart (Live in Sedona)

ONE HEART Live in Sedona brings forth and awakens the forgotten spirit in our souls. From high energy tribal tunes to meditative shamanic tracks, One Heart takes you from the outer world to the inner ones with ease and power.

Value $19.95


Shamanic Dance Ecstasy

Shamanic Dance Ecstasy is a mix of Live looped world music from John's Shamanic Dance Journeys on Kauai. John weaves didgeridoo with Native American and Egyptian flutes, African dun duns, along with acoustic guitar, various percussion and vocal chants.

Value $19.95


Primal Magic

John’s most wild and powerful indigenous recording featuring Toby Christensen on African djembe. This CD mixes African djembe, Native American and Egyptian flute, along with Aboriginal didgeridoo into a thundering percussion driven eruption.

Value $19.95


Kohola Dreamtime

A powerful shamanic journey written to the actual songs of the humpback whale created with the intent to take the listener into a deeply relaxed altered state  where they can be immersed in a sound bath of unconditional love and awakened dreaming.

Value $19.95

PLUS Exclusive Bonuses

Live sound healing journeys recorded on 'Crystal Island'

Live 90 minute Shamanic Journey Into Dreamtime

Recently John did a private sound healing in a secret location hidden in the hills of a mysterious magical island. Known as 'Crystal Island' due to the rocks being embedded with powerful quartz crystals, this island in Thailand is a haven for healers, yogis, musicians and artists.

It was a super powerful session where we captured over 90 minutes of John's special sound healing journey he calls the 'Shamanic Journey Into Dreamtime'

For a limited time you get this exclusive download as part of this special offer.

Live 1 Hour Experiental Sound Journey

Recorded live in a private villa with John and 3 other powerful sound healers.

This is an experiental journey taking you through a range of shamanic sounds including live digieridoo, drums, rattles, stunning tribal chants and channeled etheric vocals.

The total value of these bonuses is at least $29.95 plus the value of the complete Dreamtime Collection brings this package to at least $149.65...

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Complete Shamanic Dreamtime Collection

6 Complete Albums (PLUS Bonuses) $119.70

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