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Do You Have A Sense Something Isn't Quite Right?

Maybe your life feels out of balance?

Your emotions are a rollercoster ride?

Abundance does not flow like you feel it should?

Unbalanced chakras are known to cause all manner of physical and emotional symptoms. By meditating on certain chakras you can restore balance to your life.


These Sonic Harmonics brainwave audios have each been tuned to the brainwave harmonics of the individual chakra frequencies.

They are fast acting, working within minutes, putting your brain into a state similar to that of deep meditation. They target the exact brainwave frequencies which are aligned to each of the seven chakras.

Instantly Tap Into Your Inner Healing Power

These seven potent Chakra balancing brainwave audios are designed to work specifically on each chakra giving you a powerful system for balancing the bodies natural energy flows and activating your internal healing powers.

Root Chakra - Session Value $19.95

The Root Chakra deals at the most basic level like the feelings of self-preservation, strength, foundations and security.

When you open the Root Chakra, you have more vitality, security and physical balance. You have a better self-image and self-esteem. You also improve your relationships.

When the Root Chakra is balanced, then you lead a very healthy life which is surrounded with a sense of security and safety with stability and prosperity. You have very good vitality and are down-to-earth and sensible in your approach to life. You are able to relax and are able to trust the world around you.

Length: 30 Mins | Format: MP3 | Quality: 320kbps | File size:  75Mb

For Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile


Sacral Chakra - Session Value $19.95

The Sacral Chakra deals with the areas of expression of the emotions and the movements. Its properties can be compared with water as the expressions are fluid like it. Emotions and expressions like family ties, procreation, sexuality etc are associated with it. The main focus of the Sacral Chakra is to establish the gender identity as also to express oneself freely with non-judgmental attitude.

When you open your Sacral Chakra, your overall well being is improved. You no longer feel emotional dependency, jealousy or detachment from others.

Those who open this chakra feel completely safe at the material level. You feel creative expression, emotional fulfillment and physical gratification. You inspire greater love, sex and passion for life.

When the Sacral Chakra is balanced, then you have the ability to nurture yourself as well as those around you. You develop graceful movements and are emotionally intelligent. You have the ability of experiencing pleasure and also the ability to adapt and change. You develop healthy boundaries which help you to develop a healthy outlook.

Length: 30 Mins | Format: MP3 | Quality: 320kbps | File size:  75Mb

For Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile


Solar Plexus Chakra - Session Value $19.95

The Solar Plexus Chakra deals with energy, transformation, ego, power and the person's relation with the outside world. Most of the powerful business men have well-balanced and active Solar Plexus Chakra and they predominantly function from this level.

Opening the Solar Plexus chakra gives you self-direction. This is the chakra to accept yourself as a sexual person, and this is very important.

You also know what you want and what you do not want out of life and the security that you can get what you need.

Other benefits are happiness, creativity, high self-respect, feeling active, sense of personal power. You have reasons to achieve your goals and high spirit. You feel success, personal strength and acquired power. Your ability to solve problems will hugely increase, once you open this chakra.

When the Navel Chakra is balanced, then there is feeling of internal harmony and tranquility. You accept yourself for who you are and respects the nature and the emotions of the others. There is a feeling of sense of unity with the whole mankind. You feel reliable, responsible, spontaneous and confident. You are able to meet all types of challenges and also have a sense of humor.

Length: 30 Mins | Format: MP3 | Quality: 320kbps | File size:  75Mb

For Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile


Heart Chakra - Session Value $19.95

The Heart Chakra deals with the relationships, devotion, compassion, love towards self and others and forgiveness.

Opening the Heart Chakra makes you feel confident in your powers and it improves your wellbeing. You will find the world beautiful and you learn to forgive and be tolerant to others.

When the Heart Chakra is balanced, then you are compassionate, emphatic, loving, balanced and have an aura of peacefulness a good strong immune system.

Length: 30 Mins | Format: MP3 | Quality: 320kbps | File size:  75Mb

For Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile


Throat Chakra - Session Value $19.95

The Throat Chakra deals with the areas of communications and self expressions. It is also the seat of creativeness and most of the artists have a very strong chakra. An inactive or under active chakra causes the person to be shy and have lack of creativity with loss of self expressions.

Opening the Throat Chakra will benefit you to create better relationships. You also learn how to improve your listening and speaking abilities. You also have a clearer personal vision. This chakra helps you take the truth out of most things including thoughts and actions.

When the Throat Chakra is balanced you become a good listener and have a resonant voice. You are able to convey thoughts and feelings very clearly, have good creativity and also have a good sense of rhythm and timing.

Most of the strong orators and singers have a well balanced Throat Chakra.

Length: 30 Mins | Format: MP3 | Quality: 320kbps | File size:  75Mb

For Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile


Third Eye Chakra - Session Value $19.95

The Third Eye Chakra creates an awareness of the higher self and governs the intuition. It is mentioned that when you are able to master this chakra, you develop the ability to see the past, the present and the future clearly. You may also develops telepathic powers. Moreover it slows down the aging process and controls the various hormones present in the pineal gland.

The Third Eye Chakra is very important. When you open this chakra, you get general spiritual and intellectual awakening. You also gain more self-assurance and confidence.

In a balanced Third Eye Chakra you develop intuitive, imaginative and perceptive powers. You also have good memory and are able to visualize and think symbolically. You are able to remember dreams and also have the ability to become clairvoyant.

Length: 30 Mins | Format: MP3 | Quality: 320kbps | File size:  75Mb

For Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile


Crown Chakra - Session Value $19.95

The Crown Chakra deals with awareness, issues related to the grace and karma, spiritual awakening, meaning of spirituality and divinity.

Opening the Crown Chakra makes you feel open and calm. There is no more mental babble. You also feel free from any kind of fear and feel a deep connection with the Infinite Power.

When the Crown Chakra is balanced, you develop a broad understanding, become intelligent, thoughtful and open minded. You develop a sense of spiritual connection and become aware of things which are normally not perceived by others. You also develop wisdom and mastery over self desire. You are able to perceive, analyze and then assimilate information in a way others are unable to do so.

Length: 30 Mins | Format: MP3 | Quality: 320kbps | File size:  75Mb

For Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

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About Brainwave Audios - Auditory Beats in the Brain

SA logoEven as far back as the 1970's research was being done into a phenomenon now known as 'brainwave entrainment'.

In 1973 Dr Gerald Oster published a report in Scientific American called "Auditory Beats in the Brain" which outlined a phenomena known as binaural beats.

In his report Oster showed promise in the treatment of Parkinsons disease where the patient began to respond to the binaural beat therapy.

Later experiments by scientists with audio technologies led to the discovery of isochronc tones, a far superior method of brain wave entrainment. Using these audio technologies your brainwaves can be either slowed down or sped up at will allowing the listener to enter states of mind previously only available to the most experienced of meditators.

Brainwave Stimulation - Proven By Science, Improved With Sonic Harmonics

While brain wave stimulation has been proven by science for decades, the kind of stimulation you find with therapists is costly and requires complex or expensive electronic machinery.

Sonic Harmonics uses the latest research into proven methods of brainwave stimulation by using audio technologies which can be embedded in ordinary audio files such as MP3's

This means the cost of producing and obtaining these specialised sessions is dramatically lower than it would be in a therapy setting, even though the results are remarkably similar, if not the same.

When sold separately each of these sessions retails at $19.95 which brings the total value of this collection to $139.65

You Won't Pay Full Price

As mentioned earlier this is a unique collection of chakra balancing audios. As we wish to make you a special introductory offer we are reducing the price. Right now you get all seven Chakra Harmonics sessions at a big discount. The total value of this package is at least $139.65

If you are someone who likes to take advantage of a special offer, right now you can get the entire set of recordings and bonus audios for just $77.

All we ask for in return is some feedback so we can make the next series of recordings we do even better and deliver more fantastic brainwave audios to you in the future.

Try Chakra Harmonics
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guarantee_17Finally you can experience Sonic Harmonics audio technologies at no risk and benefit from these brainwave activating audio sessions.

Use them to enhance creativity, experience deep relaxation and heighten your waking consciousness, increase your attitude towards abundance,your feelings of happiness and deepen connection with yourself and others.

If after using the Sonic Harmonics sessions you are still not experiencing the healing meditations you desire you can ask for a full refund.

Even if you don't like the natural relaxing ambience of the bonus relaxation music or specially tuned alpha wave sounds simply let us know and you can have every penny back AND still keep the recordings and bonuses.

Our intent is for you to enjoy spending your time listening to them as much as we did in creating them, so you have an entire 60 days to try any Sonic Harmonics creations for yourself. Order today - see and feel the results for yourself - guaranteed.

Why Would You Wait?

Why spend the next 60 days searching for brainwave relaxation and meditation recordings when you can try Sonic Harmonics for yourself without risk?

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Results Are Proven With Sonic Harmonics

"Doctors should be prescribing this, not pills"

jon-day-21I awoke the next day, after a full eight hours sleep - a pleasure I haven't enjoyed since my teens (I'm 35 now), I felt refreshed and fully ready to face the challenges ahead... Doctors should be prescribing this, not pills

Jon Day
Tokyo/London, journalis

"she sleeps though the night, peacefully"

At the bay2.my 11-year old daughter who often has nightmares and is afraid to fall asleep in darkness.  She completely fell in love with the sound track. She has been falling asleep with the music playing on her iPod clock "sleep" mode for the past month or so and she sleeps though the night, peacefully.

United States

"refreshed, renewed and recharged from the inside out"

GeraldDelta Sleep Aid Isochronic worked so good that after using it for 1 month, I no longer even have to listen to it anymore because now I easily fall asleep every night. I sleep like a baby and the funny thing is I awake like an early bird before everyone else and get more work done during the day than anyone else I know. I really do feel refreshed, renewed and recharged from the inside out.

Gerald M.
United States

"sleeping more deeply, sleeping longer, and recalling dreams"

NikAfter a week of using the Sleep Aid I began remembering coherent sequences of dreams.  This has been very interesting to me.  I am sleeping more deeply, sleeping longer, and recalling dreams with some detail.  My next adventure will be to reach lucid dreaming.

Nik Nikkel
Denver, CO

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Complete Chakra Harmonics Collection


These seven potent Chakra balancing brainwave audios are designed to work specifically on each chakra giving you a powerful system for balancing the bodies natural energy flows and activating your internal healing powers.

Value $139.65

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Experience The Complete Chakra Harmonics Collection Package
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$139 $77


DISCLAIMER: The results on this page are based on actual user feedback. We can not make any claims this will work for you as described. Everyone's situation is different and you may have deeper emotional issues which require specialist attention before creativity and inner peace are experienced. None of the claims on this page should be taken as medical, emotional or financial advice. You are the creator of your destiny and are responsible for all decisions you make in connection with any of the information provided on this page. If you suffer from any medical condition then seek the advice of your doctor or practitioner before you use any brain wave audio.