Effortless Vibes Captured For Your Beneficial Bliss

Enjoy A Blissed Out Collection of Deeply Relaxing Music

These five albums of beautifully relaxing instrumental arrangements sooth the soul while calming the spirit.

Feel the stress in your mind fade as the wonderful calming sounds put the day to rest. Sleep is sure to come easier and more peacefully each time you listen.

Many of the tracks are steady in intensity, non-distracting, and beautiful with relaxing melodies which seem to be seamlessly intertwined the more you listen.

They are sure to peacefully transports you to another place where things are calm and tranquil.


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Ease yourself into a state of blissful tranquility

Between Two Stars cascades right out through its flow of sonic soothing. Feel the shift in your mind’s relaxation state as you listen to the sparkling arrangements.

Enjoy this soothing, yet stimulating collection of diverse healing music to transport you through time and space.

You’ll really feel yourself energized right down to the simplest cellular level as you find yourself willingly fall right Between Two Stars. 

Value $19.95


Listen to a sample track below

Tune into your own vibrational energy

Connect with the natural vibes of the universal field with Divine Nature. 

Set at just the right pace, these calming frequencies are designed to send you on a journey of quiet spiritual discovery, the gentle and soothing sounds should have you feeling relaxed within seconds.

Savour this album for times when you just need to slow down, de-stress and really put yourself into a state of true and total relaxation. 

Open up to this gloriously rich, deep sound experience which is both powerful and healing. 

Let the subtle simplicity of Divine Nature speak directly to your soul as you feel the chakra healing take place and drift away to the cosmic waves.

Value $19.95


Listen to a sample track below

Find your sense of inner calm being reclaimed. 

Feel the magic of these majestic flutes as their gentle song takes you to a place of soft serenity.

Ideal to add a sense of calm to restore your balance after a hectic working day – just when you’re really needing it the most.

Flutes of Harmony invites you to float up to another plane of peace, transcending through the dual barriers of anxiety and stress to reach a far more restful place.

Value $19.95


Listen to a sample track below

An enchanted energy to release healing vibrations

Feel wholly soothed again as Namaste places you back into balance, settling you to tune into your own vibrational energies.

Invite an enchanted energy to slowly work its way into your unwanted tensions, releasing healing vibrations. 

These gently calming sounds are created at just the right pace and frequency to send you into a happy journey of quiet spiritual discovery. Lay back in your favourite place, listening to tones so gentle and soothing you will feel relaxed within seconds. 

Gently align your inner harmonies in sync through the subtly soothing meditations, as you experience the ebb and flow, highs and lows of these blissed out notes and tones. 

How long will it take before you feel the chakra color change behind your eyes as the vibrations flow through you?

Value $19.95


Listen to a sample track below

Connect to the soothing peace within you…

Settle the calm back into your tired mind as you cozy down to the gentle caress of this collection of Peaceful Piano melodies.

Connect to the soothing peace within you and become enveloped in an aura of pure tonal clarity. These tranquilly played pieces will take you to a place of calm relaxation which your tired mind has been craving for so long.

Settle down and enjoy the effortless vibes captured for your beneficial bliss, as the Peaceful Piano tones cascade from the notes directly into your open and easy receiving mind. 

Value $19.95

Recent Feedback On Our Music

The music is beautiful…and when i close my eyes, i am transported to a different place in my mind! I truly appreciate your work and the collaborations you have (you have found true healers!)…a blend of your collective gifts makes a for a wonderful contribution to the lives of others!

Nithya Venkataraman
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