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An Effortless Way To Deeper Meditation In Minutes

There has been decades of research into the various brainwave states, particularly the area known as the ‘alpha’ brainwave. This research has also found that subtle stimulation of the brainwaves (alpha stimulation) can directly influence the brain in positive and beneficial ways.

By using a unique method of combining these tones with music you are taken on deep sonic journeys, with the benefits of meditation - yet without the commitment and practice - all within just a few minutes of listening.

Regular deep meditation like experiences allow your brainwaves to be synchronized and once this happens powerful changes can occur in all areas of your life.

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Alpha Wave Meditation

This sonic voyage is the first part of the Alpha Wave Journey. It takes you through the ambient soundscape of relaxing streams and soft sine waves as the gente flute melody drifts in and out of the soothing harmonies.

The alpha brainwaves are deep and engaging taking you into the perfect state for creative thinking and peaceful meditation. Ideal for relaxation especially at evening when winding down.

Length: 15 and 30 Mins | Format: MP3 | Quality: 320kbps | File size:  72Mb

For Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile


Unity Frequency

Realign yourself with the natural frequency of the planet earth. Known as the Schumann resonance, the earth has it’s own vibratory frequency at 7.83Hz which is at the threshold between the alpha and theta brainwave frequencies.

This gateway frequency may hold the key to tapping into the hidden realms of your consciousness. Perfect for deeper creative thinking and inspirational visualisation sessions.

This is a deep and powerful sonic meditation which uses the Iso-Binaural technique for a deep immersive brainwave experience.

Length: 15 and 30 Mins | Format: MP3 | Quality: 320kbps | File size:  72Mb

For Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile


Earth Day

Created based upon the 24th Octave of the earth’s 24 hour rotation, the Earth Day meditation audio is tuned around the note G at 194.18Hz. The brainwave frequency in this audio journey is based on the 28th Octave at precisely 12.13625Hz.

Perfect as an accompaniment to yoga, energy work, afternoon meditation sessions or for creative writing.

Length: 15 and 30 Mins | Format: MP3 | Quality: 320kbps | File size:  72Mb

For Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile


Complete Alpha Wave Journey

Tuned to 432Hz this sonic journey flows through a lush ambient soundscape of relaxing streams, through to the ocean.

Beginning with soft sine waves and a gente flute melody drifting in and out of the soothing harmonies, the journey slowly progresses into a deeper more hypnotic sequence of alpha audios.

The overall effect is a soothing calming session which takes you on a relaxed journey going deeper into the lower realms of alpha creativity as it progresses. Perfect for creating relaxed states when you wish to lose yourself in sonic bliss.

This is a complete 30 minute mix of three separate Alpha Wave Audio sessions, expertly arranged to create a truly immersive sonic experience.

Length: 30 Mins | Format: MP3 | Quality: 320kbps | File size:  72Mb

For Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

Customers Love Sonic Harmonics

"Doctors should be prescribing this, not pills"

jon-day-21I awoke the next day, after a full eight hours sleep - a pleasure I haven't enjoyed since my teens (I'm 35 now), I felt refreshed and fully ready to face the challenges ahead... Doctors should be prescribing this, not pills

Jon Day
Tokyo/London, journalis

"she sleeps though the night, peacefully"

At the bay2.my 11-year old daughter who often has nightmares and is afraid to fall asleep in darkness.  She completely fell in love with the sound track. She has been falling asleep with the music playing on her iPod clock "sleep" mode for the past month or so and she sleeps though the night, peacefully.

United States

"refreshed, renewed and recharged from the inside out"

GeraldDelta Sleep Aid Isochronic worked so good that after using it for 1 month, I no longer even have to listen to it anymore because now I easily fall asleep every night. I sleep like a baby and the funny thing is I awake like an early bird before everyone else and get more work done during the day than anyone else I know. I really do feel refreshed, renewed and recharged from the inside out.

Gerald M.
United States

"sleeping more deeply, sleeping longer, and recalling dreams"

NikAfter a week of using the Sleep Aid I began remembering coherent sequences of dreams.  This has been very interesting to me.  I am sleeping more deeply, sleeping longer, and recalling dreams with some detail.  My next adventure will be to reach lucid dreaming.

Nik Nikkel
Denver, CO

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